New User Guide

All users must be trained to use any ICI equipment. Training is conducted by our staff.  Training and consultation are also available for image analysis.

All reservations are managed by an on-line calendar system, PPMS. Calendar

0. Consultation. Email us at anytime to discuss your experimental plan and core capabilities.  

1. Set up a user account. You will need to enter some basic information including your Emory Net ID (ENID) and a smartkey number to be billed. New Account

2. Fill out a training request form. Provide as many details as possible about your experiment. Training Request

3. Microscope choice finalized. You will be contacted to discuss your experiment and confirm which microscope you will be trained on.

4. Laser safety training: go to and course code is 245000.

5. Training Scheduled. You will again be contacted to schedule a training. Do not be surprised if the training is scheduled 1-2 weeks after you submit the request. Some instruments are very busy, and staff members have full schedules as well.

6. Training. Meet ICI staff member at designated time and location for training session. Training sessions average 2 hours.

7. Independent use. After you have demonstrated competence and been certified the equipment, you will be granted the right to book the system for independent use via our online calendar. Booking policies vary per instrument.

ICI Training FAQs

What to expect at a training?


We will go thought the proper start up/shut down procedure, how to use the acquisition software, and proper objective care. Together, we will image our "standard" slide, but will also be happy to image your slide if you bring one. Be sure to know exactly what fluorophores are in your sample. Even if you do not bring a slide, know the fluorophores you will be imaging so we can help you set up appropriate imaging conditions for your experiments.

Image Analysis

We will go over the software or technique you are interested in learning. You should come to the training with images and an idea of what information you would like to extract from them.

Who can request a training?

Anyone! If you are a new user to ICI, fill out the account request form. If you are a current user, submit a training request when appropriate.

What if I need more help?

If you encounter technical trouble during your session we will make every effort to be available to help. However if you know beforehand that you will need more help either with basic imaging or a more advanced feature not covered in training, we offer assisted microscopy sessions. Contact us to learn more or set one up.