Imaris 3D Software

Location: Analysis 4 Whitehead Bldg, room 421 and Analysis 2 Winship


Imaris enables visualization of 3D, 4D and 5D data sets via multiple volume rendering algorithms and quantitative analysis using isosurfaces and segmentation. In Imaris Measurement, objects can be identified automatically or manually based on morphology, intensity, size, and many more parameters. Once identified, objects can be segmented and analysed. Additional modules include Imaris Coloc, which allows for quantitative analysis of significant, non-uniform localization in volume data; Imaris Track, which analyses particle trajectories in time lapse data; and Imaris Filament Tracker which analyses complex cell morphology. Imaris Track and Filament Tracker are part of the Imaris F1 located in Whitehead and Imaris C1, located in Winship, is for the Cell Biologist with Imaris Track and Imaris Cell.

Imaris Tutorials

This site offers detailed technical information and application notes, step-by-step tutorials, webinar recordings and product movies. link