Policy on Pediatric Subsidy on Equipment within the Integrated Cellular Imaging Core (ICI)


  1. The Emory+Children’s Pediatric Research Center Research Operations Council establishes the amount of subsidy offered to child health researchers.  As of 1/1/16, it is set at a 40% subsidy off the published hourly rates.  This is subject to change based on availability of funds.
  2. All Emory University Department of Pediatrics investigators will automatically receive the pediatric subsidy on any equipment used within ICI.
  3. Other child health researchers not in Emory Dept of Pediatrics may request receiving the pediatric subsidy on any equipment used within ICI.*  The subsidy will be applied only to pre approved pediatric specific grant projects and not to the investigator’s entire portfolio of research (unless all of the investigator’s research is approved as child health related).
  4. Each investigator may receive up to, but not exceeding, $3,000 in subsidies each calendar year.

*Non Emory Dept of Pediatrics faculty should contact Stacy Heilman, PhD, at to request subsidy approval