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  • The Jackson Laboratory is proud to offer several hands-on mouse techniques workshops in 2017.  A summary of these events is provided below.  For additional information and to register, go to:

    Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse 

         -February 14-17, 2017 at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA  (ONLY ONE SEAT REMAINING)

         -September 18-23, 2017 at The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

    Engage in an intensive hands-on workshop to obtain valuable skills in multiple high-demand mouse surgical techniques. Critical topics such as biomethods, anatomy, aseptic technique, suturing, and microscope use will be covered.

    Advanced Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse 

         -September 24-29, 2017 at The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

    Advance your skills at this four-day hands-on workshop. Become a specialist in microsurgical skills in the laboratory mouse. A wide range of surgical procedures will be taught including xenografts, telemetry, ICVC, carotid artery catheterization and much more.  

    Colony Management: Principles and Practices 

         -April 23-27, 2017 at The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

    Learn from thought leaders in the practice of maintaining mouse colonies for research. You will gain a thorough understanding of  best practice in colony set-up, breeding strategies, genetic quality control, genetic background effects on phenotype and much more.  

    Comprehensive Mouse Biomethods (NEW)

         -April 27–May 1, 2017 at The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

    This is a NEW one-of-a-kind hands-on workshop that will provide tangible and marketable skills in mouse biomethods. Topics that will be covered include: mouse anatomy, injections, oral gavage, blood collection, and many others.

    Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) in the Laboratory Mouse

         -May 1-6, 2017 at The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

    Master the use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) to manage mouse strains. Hands‐on techniques include embryo and sperm cryopreservation and recovery, surgical and non‐surgical embryo transfer, IVF, vasectomy, ovarian transplantation, inducing pseudopregnancy and much more.

    Workshop on Phenotyping Mouse Models of Human Lung Disease

         -October 9-14, 2017 at The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

    This unique hands-on workshop provides a comprehensive overview of respiratory biology and, in particular, the use of mice as model systems of human lung diseases. Participants completing this workshop will have a working knowledge of basic pulmonary biology and the pathophysiology/histopathology accompanying lung diseases. More importantly, participants will gain the needed exposure to laboratory-based techniques for quantifying pulmonary structure, immunobiology, and lung function – all key endpoint metrics needed to utilize mice as model systems of human respiratory diseases.

    -Completion of these courses can be utilized for continuing educational units for AALAS recertification.

    -Some scholarships are available for these workshops at

    -The Jackson Laboratory strongly encourages the participation of women, minorities and persons with disabilities.

    -Learn more and register at

  • We are now using CRISPR to generate recombinant mice. Please download our CRISPR project flow chart and contact us for the latest information.