LabKey Server takes in different varieties of data, integrates and transforms it into reports and insights, and presents them to different audiences.

•Highly interactive data views: Customizable web interface components, flexible data upload pipelines, querying and drill-down functionality across multiple data types and formats.
•Dynamic Data Access: Allows researchers to manage both "study" data and high dimensional "experimental" data, even remotely stored data, and share that with collaborators.
•Extensible functionality: Support for scripting (R, Javascript, Python, etc.) for custom data validation, analysis and visualization.
•Managed HIPAA compliant installation: User roles and permissions, secure collaboration, on-site tool configuration and system administration support.


•Ability to see and recombine many different data types simultaneously
•Facilitates investigation of study participants on any combination of parameters that may include data from diverse and different sources
•Facilitates standardization and dissemination of new, improved assay protocols and workflows across research groups.
•Ability to quickly apply new analysis techniques to existing datasets
•Provides tools capable of handling the quantity and complexity of data generated by high-throughput technologies
•Offers peace of mind – know where the data is stored long after students, postdocs, and analysts have moved on

General Project Types in LabKey

1) Data Repository/Registry    

  • file repository administration 
  • data import and integration
  • linkage to external sources
  • data views

2) Cohort /Clinical Study   

  • observational study (demographic and associated assay data)
  • REDCap integration
  • study dashboards
  • data views and analytics

3) Laboratory/Basic Research Study 

  • instrument data types (existing or external) 
  • data integration and import 
  • data views and analytics 
  • data import and analysis pipelines 

4) Collaboration 

  • information exchange, content publishing and issue tracking 
  • message boards, wikis, content pages 
  • data views 
  • folder security/permissions