Data Club

The goal of the ICI data club is to provide a forum for researchers in the Emory community using or interested in optical microscopy to come together, share expertise, and stimulate research.  The presentations generally focus on microscopy and data analysis techniques. Everyone is welcome.


Past presentations:


  • April 27th (Core Week)**:  Lee Cooper (Winship Cancer Institute) and Karuna Mittal (Aneja Lab, Georgia State)
  • March 2nd: Emily Bartle (Mattheyses Lab, Cell Biology) and Rheinallt Jones (Pediatrics)
  • February 2: Alessandra Richardson  (Marcus Lab, Winship Cancer Inst.)


  • December 1: Changyong Wei (Shanmugam Lab, Hematology and Oncology) and Sam Molina (Koval Lab, Cell Biology)
  • November 3: Bernardo Mainou (Mainou Lab, Pediatrics)

  • October 6:    Jorge Vidal (Vidal Lab, RSPH, Hubert Department of Global Health) and Marius Ifrim (Bassell Lab, Cell Biology)

Past presentation flyers:

DC 4-27-17

dc 2-2-17 DC 3-2-17
dc11-3-16 dc 12-1-16
DC4-7-16 dc 10-6-16
dc 3-24-16
dc 11-5-15 dc 12-3-15
dc 10-1-15 dc 4-2-15
dc 1-8-15
dc 9-4-14
dc 3-6-14
dc 11-7-13
dc 6-6-13
dc 4-4-13
dc 12-13-12