About the Emory Multiplexed Immunoassay Core (EMIC)

The Emory ____________ Core provides state-of-the-art _________________ analysis technology and __________ facilities. Our mission is to ____________________________________. This Emory University _______ Core Facility provides quantitative _______ analyses on ______ samples from a wide variety of biological matrices, e.g. blood, serum, plasma, solid tissues, cell extracts, etc., to support both clinical and basic research efforts on campus. These analyses will provide insight on ________ and _______ precursors whose abundance can be monitored as biomarkers to predict and follow progression of a wide range of diseases, such as ___________. To effectively implement our technologies, we provide consultations, expert training, and support for all our systems. Along with providing access to equipment, another goal of ______ is to serve as a ________ for the ______________ community at Emory. We want to unite diverse _____________ interests, allowing investigators to share ideas, expertise, and instrumentation. Developing new __________ techniques and acquiring new cutting-edge equipment are central to our mission to serve the Emory community. The members of our ______ core have a wide breadth of interests and experience in translational neuroscience, basic cell biology, genetics, cancer biology, nanotechnology, immunology, pharmacology, and microscopy technique development.   Please contact us at ____ @emory.edu about your __________ needs or interests.