• Image courtesy of Julia Omotade, Zheng Lab

  • 1st place, 2016 GDBBS Student Research Symposium Image Competiton, Stephanie Pollitt, Zheng Lab

  • 2nd Place, 2016 GDBBS Student Research Symposium Image Competiton, Amanda York, Zheng Lab

  • 3rd Place, 2016 GDBBS Student Research Symposium Image Competiton, Jadiel Wasson, Katz Lab

  • Image courtesy of Monica Chau

  • Image courtesy of Amanda York

  • Image courtesy of Todd Deveau

  • Image courtesy of Scott Wilkinson

  • Image courtesy of Julia Omotade

  • Image courtesy of Yingchun Wang, Li Lab



ICI provides state-of-the-art light microscopy tools including Confocal (Olympus FV1000 inverted and upright, Leica SP8), Live cell (Nikon A1R, Leica SP8, DeltaVision OMX, Perkin Elmer Ultraview Spinning Disk), Multi-photon (Leica SP8 MP, Zeiss 710 MP), Widefield & deconvolution (Nikon TE300, Olympus IX51, Zeiss Axioplan 2), Super resolution (Nikon SIM and DeltaVision OMX), and Image analysis (5 computer workstations). We provide consultations, expert training, and support for all our systems.

Campus locations:

campus locations

ICI Supporting Units

Department of Physiology 

Emory+Children's Pediatric Research Center 

Emory NINDS Neuroscience Core Facilities 

Winship Cancer Institute


  • Come to the DSAC Student Research Symposium, Thursday Jan. 19 at the Cox Ballroom in the DUC. flyer

  • ICI now has a Lattice Light Sheet microscope! more information
  • Data Club will resume in the Spring starting the first Thursday in February.
  • If you missed Neils presentation on the lattice light sheet microscope at Data club, here is his Power point...
  • Interested in doing live cell imaging? Check out the Leica SP8 confocal at our Winship location. more information here...Next
  • Come check out the GE DeltaVision OMX Blaze super resolution microscope located in HSRB. For more information...
  • We are pleased to offer the newest version of Imaris on our Workstations in Whitehead and in Winship. more info....