How do I reserve a microscope?

See our calendars and book online at ppms.us/emory/?ICI.

New users must first create an account (https://ppms.us/emory/areq/?pf=2) and then fill out a training request http://ppms.us/emory/req/?pf=2&form=1.

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What dishes should I use for live imaging?

How you plan to grow and image your cells will determine which type of dish to use. If you want to grow your cells on a coverslip, glass bottom dishes by MatTek are a good choice. They have a 1.5 coverslip built in and are perfect for imaging on an inverted microscope. If you are planning on imaging with an upright microscope with a dipping objective, cell may be grown in solution or on a membrane or filter in a 6 well plate. More information on live cell imaging dishes and general live cell information can be found here: Live Cell Imaging 

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Who do I speak to about my imaging needs?

Anyone of the core personnel can answer your questions concerning your imaging needs. To contact us go to this link or email us at ici@emory.edu.

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What fluorophores should I use?

In choosing a fluorophores for your imaging, you need to consider which will give the best signal while minimizing "cross-talk or bleed-through" artifacts. Here are a some links which can help you determine what works best for your needs:





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How much does it cost to use each microscope?

You can find our rate information here.

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Are there any subsidies available for the microscopes?

Yes, there are subsidies offered by Winship Cancer Center and the Department of Pediatrics.  Contact usici@emory.edu to evaluate subsidy eligibility.

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Which microscope should I use?

The type of microscope to be used is determined by your specific experiments. The questions on the training request form help us guide you. They include whether you need brightfield or fluorescence, the fluorophores you plan to use, and if your sample is live or fixed. ICI will work with you to determine the best instrument.

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Can I use any kind of coverslip?

The vast majority of objectives are specifically designed for #1.5 glass coverslips (0.17mm thick). Using #1 or #2 coverslips will lead to dramatically reduced image quality and spherical aberations. Lower magnification air objectives, e.g. 10X or 20X, are less sensitive to the glass thickness and either can be used.  For more information please go here.

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I am not an Emory investigator; can I still use the microscopes?

Yes, we welcome outside use of our facility. Non-Emory users should contact us at ici@emory.edu for more information.

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What is the cancellation policy?

Sessions must be cancelled 16 hours in advance. If you cancel your session within 16 hours or less of your start time, you will be charged unless: 1) you rebook on the same day in the same "period" (periods are working hours 8am-6pm or after hours), 2) someone else books the time or 3) someone else uses the time. If you cancel after the 16 hour cut-off because of experimental reasons, please submit a request to have the charge waived (request form). For more information see our Policies.

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What kind of mounting media should I use?

Mounting medium helps preserve your sample and often protects against photobleaching. Prolong Gold from Molecular Probes and Fluoromount-G (anti-fade) from Southern Biotech are examples of popular mounting media.

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In what condition should I leave the microscope for the next user?

When you are finished imaging, the microscope area should be clean of all oil, papers, and spills. The objectives should be carefully cleaned and all oil removed using lens paper.

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What should I do if I break a slide or coverslip on the microscope mount?

If you break a slide or coverslip on the microscope, pick up the pieces that you are able to and place them in a glass disposal box. If some of the pieces have gone down beneath the stage you will need to get the ICI person in charge of that microscope to help clean it out. In either case you must tell the person in charge what happened so that they can remove any possible glass from the objective.

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May I bring unfixed pathogens that are not mounted with mounting media to the microscope?

No, we are not a BSL2 facility. Please fix your pathogenic specimens before bringing them to the ICI core.

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Do I need IACUC approval to image live mice on any of the microscopes?

Yes, IACUC approval is required to image live animals. For detailed information on the IACUC proposal contact David Martin, Director, Cancer Animal Models Core, at dwmarti@emory.edu

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Can identifiable patient data be stored on ICI computers?


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