About the Robert P. Apkarian Integrated Electron Microscopy Core

The Emory single particle cryo-EM Core provides state-of-the-art imaging capabilities for the structural analysis of macromolecular complexes and high-quality cryo-electron microscopy services. Our mission is to image molecular systems traditionally challenging for structural characterization, including large and heterogeneous biological assemblies. This Emory University single particle cryo-EM Core Facility provides high resolution structural analyses on molecular machines, especially conformational variable machines in normal and pathological states, from a wide variety of biological samples, e.g. subcellular complexes within intact cells, viral enzymes, cancer and neurological related complexes, etc., to support both clinical and basic research efforts on campus. These analyses will provide insight on atomic resolution structural and functional aspects of biological complexes whose mechanism can be better understood for a wide range of diseases, such as infectious diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. To effectively implement our technologies, we provide consultations, expert training, and support for all our systems.

Along with providing access to equipment, another goal of the single particle cryo-EM Core is to serve as a catalyst for the biochemical, molecular and structural biology community at Emory. We want to unite diverse scientific interests, and strengthen existing structural biology, microbiology, cancer biology, and drug and vaccine development at Emory, allowing investigators to share ideas, expertise, and instrumentation. Developing new experimental and computational techniques and acquiring new cutting-edge equipment are central to our mission to serve the Emory community.

The members of our single particle cryo-EM core have a wide breadth of interests and experience in translational neuroscience, basic cell biology, genetics, cancer biology, nanotechnology, immunology, pharmacology, and microscopy technique development.

Please contact us at bo.liang@emory.edu about your cryo-EM needs or interests.


Elizabeth R. Wright, PhD Director
Hong Yi, MS Technical Director
Jeannette V. Taylor, MS EM Technologist II
Arthur McCanna EM Engineer