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Morris Water Maze

The Morris Water Maze is the most commonly used paradigm to evaluate learning and memory in rodents. Subjects are trained over many days to find the fixed location of a submerged and invisible platform. Because subjects cannot see the platform they need to utilize cues in maze environment to locate the escape platform. The latency and swim path distance required to locate the platform are recorded via tracking software during training. Once training is complete a probe trial is administered during which the escape platform is removed. The percentage of time spent in the quadrant where the platform had been located is then measured as an assay of memory recall.



The rotarod measures motor coordination. Subjects are placed on a rotating cylinder and must walk continuously to keep from falling off. After a series of practice trials at a low speed, test sessions are given during which the speed accelerates throughout the test. The latency to fall off of the rotarod and highest rpm attained are the primary dependent variables in this task.

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