The Emory Comprehesive Glycomics Core (ECGC), one of the Emory Integrated Core Facilities (EICF), is supported by the  Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance and the Emory University School of Medicine. We help investigators use rapidly evolving methods and technologies in the area of glycomics. Please contact us so that we can discuss your experimental needs.


  • The mission of Emory Comprehensive Glycomics Core is to provide investigators in the Emory community access to methods and technology being used and currently under development in the rapidly developing area of glycomics, which the National Institutes of Health in 2014 designated as a recipient of its Common Fund Resources for the first time. We will accomplish this through individual consultation with investigators, who find a need to address questions regarding glycosylation, which is the most common posttranslational modification of proteins. Our priority is to serve the needs of investigators at Emory University, but we are also capable of providing service to investigators at other institutions.
  • Please contact us so that we can discuss your experimental needs.


  • We are able to assist in investigations of protein-glycan or protein-protein interactions using glycan and protein microarray technology. Our technology platform is based on the ability to produce and analyze microarrays using an Aushon 2470 arrayer and an InnoScan1100AL fluorescence scanner.
  • We can assist investigators in requesting resources and interpreting data from the publically available 600-glycan microarray housed in the National Center for Functional Glycomics at Harvard Medical School.
  • We are also equipped with instrumentation that quantifies molecular interactions using label-free methods including surface plasmon resonance with a BiaCoreX100 and isothermal titration calorimetry using a MicroCAiAuto-iTC200. For glycomics and proteomic analyses we are equipped with a Bruker UltraFlexII MALDI-TOF/TOF. 
  • For detailed structural analyses of glycans, we can assist investigators in requesting resources in interpreting data from the analytical services available at the University of Georgia’s Complex Carbohydrate Center in Athens.


The Emory Comprehensive Glycomics Core (ECGC) is one of the Emory Integrated Core Facilities (EICF). We use PPMS to provide access to our services and track your projects. Please click here if you need an account established for your use.

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Please email us at ECGC@Emory.edu.