About the Emory Comprehensive Glycomics Core

Our mission is to  to provide investigators in the Emory community access to methods and technology being used and currently under development in the rapidly developing area of glycomics, which the National Institutes of Health in 2014 designated as a recipient of its Common Fund Resources for the first time.

The Emory Comprehensive Glycomics Core provides state-of-the-art Molecular  interaction assay technologies and using surface plasmon resonance with a BiaCore X100,  isothermal titration calorimetry with a MicroCAiAuto-iTC200, and glycan microarray analyses using a variety of glycan microarrays comprised of various classes of glycans.

 This Emory University Comprehensive Glycomics Core Facility provides quantitative glycan microarray analyses on hundreds of samples from a wide variety of biological matrices, e.g. blood, serum, plasma, solid tissues, cell extracts, etc., to support both clinical and basic research efforts on campus. Many assays focused on antibody detection and specificity will provide insight on glycan epitopes whose presence or abundance can be monitored as biomarkers to predict and follow progression of a wide range of diseases, including cancer biomarkers. To effectively implement our technologies, we provide consultations, expert training, and support for all our systems.

Along with providing access to equipment, another goal of the ECGC is to serve as a resource for technical expertise in the area of glycomics, analytical carbohydrate chemistry, glycan structure determination, microarray printing, and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry for the investgators at Emory, who need to deal with glycomics issues but commonly lack expertise in this very specialized area.

Through our Glycomics data club, we want to unite investigators at Emory with diverse interests, allowing them to share ideas, expertise, and instrumentation. Developing new glycomic technologies and techniques and acquiring new cutting-edge equipment are central to our mission to serve the Emory community.

The members of our Glycomics core have a wide breadth of interests and experience in translational neuroscience, basic cell biology, genetics, cancer biology, nanotechnology, immunology, pharmacology, and microscopy technique development.

Please contact us at  ECGC@emory.edu. about your glycomics or moleclular interaction needs or interests.