The EICC team of computational biology experts are here to help you achieve your goals. Please reach out with any questions at any stage in the process.

As a clinical researcher, having bioinformatics and biostatistical experts in the EICC to entrust my raw microbiome sequence data has been integral to the completion of my projects. The range of services provided, prompt turnaround time, thoroughness of reports, and collaborative culture at the EICC has been very much appreciated!

Dr. Irene Yang, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Emory University

Core Leadership

Michael P. Epstein, PhD

Scientific Director
Director, Center of Computational and Quantitative Genetics
Professor of Human Genetics

H. Rich Johnston, PhD

Core Director

Rich received his PhD from the Johns Hopkins University Institute of Genetic Medicine. His area of expertise is in whole genome sequencing and population genetics. He is currently working on projects to leverage Emory cloud-based computing resources for bioinformatics.

The EICC Team

Robert Arthur, PhD

Associate Scientist, Bioinformatics

Robert earned his BS in Biology and MS in Bioinformatics from Georgia Tech. Robert then received his Ph.D in Bioinformatics from the University of Georgia and completed a Post-doctoral Fellowship with SBRL at CDC. His expertise is in genomics, microbiology, bioinformatics.

Sergei Bombin, PhD

Assistant Scientist, Bioinformatics

Sergei received his Ph.D. from The University of Alabama in 2021, where he investigated littoral algal communities through environmental DNA metabarcoding. His expertise is in amplicon HTS data, and he is constantly eager to learn something new.

Henry Claussen, PhD

Senior Biostatistician

Henry earned his BS in Mathematics from Augusta University in 2013. He earned his PhD in Biostatistics from the Medical College of Georgia in 2021. Prior to starting his PhD, he worked professionally as a chef for over a decade.  The only thing he can't cook is your data.

McKinzie Garrison, PhD

Bioinformatics Analyst

Kinzie earned her Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where she studied somatic retrotransposition in cancer. Her background is in bioinformatics, end-to-end processing of sequencing data, and retrotransposition.

McKenzie Garrison

Wayne Harris, MSPH

Research Informatics Analyst

Wayne has undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry (BSc) and in French Language(BA) from the University of Toronto, Canada and received his MSPH degree in Public Health Informatics from the Rollins School of Public Health Informatics at Emory in 2014. He has enjoyed a long career in research focused on animal and human studies of immune tolerance, cell mediated and innate immune responses to infection, and function and dysfunction of the immune system in cancer. His more important contributions include the development of flow cytometric assay and analysis methods for a large, multicenter phase 3 clinical trial comparing immunologic outcomes and survival for bone marrow and peripheral blood transplant recipients which has significant relevance to clinical practice. His current responsibilities include management of a web-based project management and billing system for the core facilities and the implementation and management of LabKey, a web-based data integration database supporting research in the school of medicine, the school of public health and Winship Cancer Institute.

Mac Mao, MS

Sr Manager, IT

Sierra Nishizaki, PhD

Assistant Bioinformatic Scientist

Sierra earned their PhD in Genetics and Genomics and a concurrent Master’s in Bioinformatics from the University of Michigan in 2020. They completed their Postdoctoral work as part of the Autism Research Training Program at the UC Davis MIND Institute. Sierra’s background is in human genetics, all things -omics, and software development. 

Janani Kunrathur Pasupathy, ME, MS

Bioinformatics Analyst

Janani received her Masters of Engineering in Medical Electronics from Anna university, India. She earned Masters of science in Bioinformatics from Mississippi Valley State University in 2022. Her proficiency  is in human and plant genetics, genomics and bioinformatics.