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NIH Funding for Cloud Computing

If your research is funded by NIH, you are eligible for a new pilot which funds cloud resources., By participating, you may help shape the future of the NIH grants model. Emory has partnered with NIH and the Center to Modernize Healthcare (CAMH) to spread awareness about a novel funding mechanism. The NIH Commons Credits Model is a time- and cost-efficient way for NIH-funded biomedical investigators to gain cloud computing support for their current research as well as pave the way toward better accessibility, interoperability, and reuse of digital objects for future research. This is not a grant; this funding is recommended to supplement current NIH grants or to jump start a related grant in the biomedical space. The application is just two pages, and funds will be distributed within a few months of the closing of each cycle. The next cycle is scheduled to open this summer and dollar-denominated cloud-credits will be distributed in the fall. We encourage interested investigators to register now on the NIH Commons Credits portal to receive up-to-date information and begin your application. For ease, this instructional video will show you how.

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