Data Retention Policy

Last Revised: 2016-11-01

  1. EIGC/EICC will maintain project files and data for a period of 90 days from the date of posting to PPMS. During this time the EICC will assist project PI/designate with downloading their data. Project PI/designate will be responsible for notifying the EICC when they have completed downloading their data. Notification must be posted via the relevant EIGC PPMS project with an email cc to eicc@emory.edu.
  2. Requests for data retrieval after the 90-day period will incur a ‘provisioning’ fee at the posted EICC hourly rate (currently $150/hr) with a two-hour minimum. Requests for data retrieval must be made via EICC PPMS with an email cc to eicc@emory.edu.
  3. Data will be retained as long as storage space is available on the EIGC/EICC server. Availability of storage space is defined as < 90% utilization as calculated by the server operating system. Upon 90% or greater utilization, data will be purged in chronological order (oldest data will be purged first), and without notice, until utilization is reduced to < 90%. Purged data cannot be recovered.
  4. Sequence data and project files are not backed up or replicated. Hardware failure, acts of nature, or other causes may result in the unrecoverable loss of data at any time, including during the 90-day free provisioning period for new data. EIGC/EICC is not responsible for data loss under any circumstance. The EICC offers a service to submit data to a national repository. It is strongly recommended that clients use this service in order to ensure that they have an off-site copy of their raw data.
  5. EIGC/EICC reserve the right to make revisions to this policy at any time. The most recent policy document will be posted on the EIGC/EICC web sites, and on PPMS for user acknowledgement.