Current Rates

(effective as of October 2023)

ServiceInternal RateExternal Rate
CLIADNA Isolation (fewer than 96 samples)$30$47
DNA Isolation (96 or more samples)$22$34
RNA Isolation (fewer than 96 samples)$30$47
RNA Isolation (96 or more samples)$22$34
Bioanalyzer (10 or fewer samples)$15$23
Bioanalyzer (11 or more samples)$10$16
Agarose Gel$9$14
Nucleic Acid QC$6$9
Covaris Shearing$17$27
Microsatellite VNTR (Ready)$6$9
Identifiler Assay$77$120
Custom Services (hourly)$210$328
Instrument Usage (Per Hour)$58$90
Biobanking Services$1$2
GENOMICSMicroarray Processing *$175$273
TaqMan Genotyping (per sample) *$4$6
TaqMan Gene Expression (per sample run in triplicate) *$24$37
Droplet Digital PCR (Assisted)$14$22
Droplet Digital PCR (Unassisted) *$9$14
Nanostring Sample Prep and Instrument Run *$20$31
16S RNA Library Preparation- (less than 48 samples)$68$106
16S RNA Library Preparation- (more than 48 samples)$50$78
Fluidigm Library Prep (48 samples) *$370$577
Library Preparation (Hourly Rate) *$210$328
10x scRNAseq Library Prep$2400$3744
10x Instrument Run *$280$437
KAPA qPCR$42$66
MiSeq Instrument Run *$280$437
NextSeq Instrument Run *$280$437
Genomics Platforms Custom Services (Hourly Rate) *$210$328
Genome Editing Pool or Clone Validation$56$87
10X Visium Spatial Library Prep **$1700$2652
Nanostring GeoMx NGS Prep (priced per slide **)$1500$2340
Nanopore Flowcell Sequencing$1075$1677
Nanopore cDNA Library Prep$525$819
Nanopore Direct RNA Library Prep$200$312
EPIGENETICSRNA-Seq in-house (Assisted) **$198$309
RRBS (Assisted) **$166$259
ATAC-Seq (Assisted) **$138$215
ChIPSeq/CUT&RUN (Assisted) **$163$254
RNA-Seq in-house (Unassisted) **$127
RRBS (Unassisted) **$94
ATAC-Seq (Unassisted) **$67
ChIPSeq/CUT&RUN (Unassisted) **$92
VIRALCovid-Seq (Assisted) **$250$390
Flu-Seq (Assisted) **$170$265
Viral Metagenomics (Assisted) **$260$406
Covid-Seq (Unassisted) **$180
Flu-Seq (Unassisted) **$100
Viral Metagenomics (Unassisted) **$190
GENOME ENGINEERINGCloning- Mutagenesis by the Quick Change ligation protocol$190$296
Cloning- Subcloning$275$429
Cloning- Mutagenesis by overlapping PCR$330$515
Cloning- Large gene subcloning$400$624
Cloning- Cloning of chimeras$385$601
Cloning- Transformation$38$59
Cloning- Maxiprep$210$328
Cloning- Custom Cloning Custom Services$210$328
  • Computational Services are now offered through the Emory Integrated Computational Core. Please visit the EICC web site.
  • * Excludes pass-through costs for microarrays, reagents, and sequencing reagents.
  • ** Excludes pass-through costs from external sequencing facility.