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I have been more than impressed by the collaborative nature of the EIPC Core, as Nick and his team were instrumental in helping us design and troubleshoot our experiments as well as interpret and follow-up on the preliminary data. Nick has displayed tremendous leadership in his role as the Scientific Director; it’s worth mentioning that EIPC maintained its impressive turnaround time even during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic phase."

Dr. Jennifer Spangle, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

Core Leadership

Nicholas T. Seyfried, Ph.D.

Scientific Director, Emory Integrated Proteomics Core (EIPC)
Professor, Biochemistry


Nicholas T. Seyfried obtained his B.S. in biological chemistry from Boston College and his D.Phil. in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. During his postdoctoral fellowship at Emory University School of Medicine he employed cell-based quantitative proteomics methodologies to characterize protein aggregation and post-translational modification events that underlie neurodegenerative diseases. He also developed immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) techniques for the enrichment of phosphopeptides from human brain tissue. Prior to this work, Dr. Seyfried held a postdoctoral research position in the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at the University of Georgia. Here his research focused on the use of hydrogen/deuterium amide exchange Fourier transform mass spectrometry as a method to study protein-carbohydrate interactions. Dr. Seyfried is currently a Professor of Biochemistry and Neurology and is a member of the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease.

Seyfried Lab Website

Duc Duong, B.S.

Core Director, Emory Integrated Proteomics Core (EIPC)


Duc Duong graduated from Emory University in 2003 with a B.S. degree in computer science and has over 10 years of experience with cutting edge LC-MS/MS technologies. He has developed algorithms for extensive data processing and peptide/protein quantification. Duc works in collaboration on a variety of research projects with research investigators at the Center for Neurodegenerative Disease and throughout the Emory University community.

Pritha Bagchi, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Research Projects
Emory Integrated Proteomics Core (EIPC)
Parkinson's Disease Biomarker Program (PDBP)


Pritha Bagchi received her Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology. As a graduate student, she joined Dr. Christoph Fahrni’s lab, where her major contribution was characterization of a novel set of colorless, water soluble, air-stable Cu(I) affinity standards with varied binding affinities. After her Ph.D., Pritha worked with Dr. Melissa Kemp for a year to develop assays to selectively detect redox-sensitive proteins from cellular extracts using Redox-DIGE. She then received the ORISE fellowship and moved to CDC, where she measured urinary metabolites of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using UPLC-MS/MS to assess national exposure levels to VOCs originating from tobacco smoke and other sources. As the Associate Director, Research Projects, she oversees the daily operations of EIPC including sample management, sample processing, data analysis and reporting. She also provides pre-consultation to clients and helps them interpreting the results. Additionally, she manages the PDBP project including the biobanking of biofluids and sample management. In 2022, Pritha was unanimously elected as the President for the Southeastern Association of Shared Resources (SEASR). Prior to that, she served as the Sponsor Coordinator for SEASR (2018-2021). She is also the Program Coordinator of the Atlanta Athens Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (AAMSDG). Pritha is a graduate of the 2020 Aspiring Leaders at Emory program and received a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate in 2022.


Core Team

Kaiming Xu

Research Scientist


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