The Emory Multiplexed Immunoassay Core (EMIC), one of the Emory Integrated Core Facilities (EICF), is supported by the Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance and the Emory University School of Medicine. We help investigators use the latest multiplexed immunoassays in their research. Please contact us so that we can discuss your experimental needs.


Service Highlights

  • We perform, analyze, and interpret multiplexed immunoassays to measure protein levels in biological matrices (plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, milk, urine, stool, vaginal swabs, tissues, etc.) on the Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) platform.
  • MSD uses electrochemiluminescence (via a cooled scientific-grade CCD camera and precision custom lens assembly) to detect binding events on patterned arrays with ELISA-quality sensitivity (0.05 pg/mL for some asays) but with a larger dynamic range (5 logs) using microliter volume samples, simple protocols, rapid and continuous reads, and fast, well-organized results via DISCOVERY WORKBENCH assay analysis software.
  • The MSD multi-array protein technology supports a wide variety of assays: multiplexed biomarker, cytokine, protein signaling, immunogenicity, toxicity, custom assays
  • We also support V‑PLEX assay plates that are developed under rigorous design control and are fully validated according to fit-for-purpose principles and the FDA’s analytical validation guidelines. Please click here for more information on assay kits.
  • V-PLEX assay plates offer exceptional sensitivity, simple protocols, reproducible results, and lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Since 2012, the EMIC has supported PIs from across campus including several in the Emory School of Medicine, Rollins School of Public Health, Woodruff School of Nursing, and Yerkes National Primate Research Center.


The Emory Multiplexed Immunoassay Core (EMIC) is one of the Emory Integrated Core Facilities (EICF). We use PPMS to provide access to our services and track your projects. Please click here if you need a PPMS account established for your use.

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Please email us at EMIC@Emory.edu

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