The Emory Biostatistics Collaboration Core (BCC) provides state-of-the-art statistical and bioinformatics analysis. Our mission is to collaborate with investigators to choose appropriate study design for quantitative analysis and to assure appropriate implementation of statistical methodology in research. BCC personnel are available for discussion at all stages of research, including: preparation of grants and contracts, database design and management; data mining and analysis of large, administrative datasets; bioinformatics needs; assistance in analyzing and presenting research data; and statistical review of manuscripts in the publication process. The BCC has access to a broad range of computer hardware and software and personnel with expertise in using major statistical, graphics, and data management packages.

While our primary interest is in assuring the appropriate use of statistical methodology in research, the BCC offers a complete range of services from database development, implementation, and maintenance to production of publication-quality graphic and tabular material to support the presentation and publication of research results. Obtaining biostatistical advice early on in a project can often improve the chances of the study meeting its objectives.  Developing rigorous study design and implementing appropriate statistical methodology are central to our mission to serve the diverse Emory community.

Based on the scope and content of each project, the BCC Director Dr. Reneé H. Moore brings together the appropriate personnel from the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Each BCC team may include any combination of the following personnel: faculty biostatisticians, staff biostatisticians, database managers, programmers, and graduate students. Please contact us about your statistical design and analysis needs or interests.