The Emory Gnotobiotic Animal Core (EGAC) is the newest member of the Emory Integrated Core Facilities. This cutting-edge core facility offers investigators the opportunity to experimentally manipulate the microbiomes of mice in a controlled environment to gain insight into important biological mechanisms. The Scientific Director of the EGAC is Rheinallt Jones, PhD from the Department of Pediatrics in the Emory University School of Medicine. EGAC operations will be overseen by a team of highly-skilled staff members that includes Caroline Addis,MSc Amanda Metzger,BSc RALAT and Chris Raymond, PhD.

The EGAC contains a number of 3’ foot wide rigid isolators (Parkbio), each with the capacity to house 16 mice cages each. In addition, the facility has a Tecniplast ISOcageP Bioexclusion system. These are airtight individual mouse cages with high positive pressure that are specifically designed for cage-scale germ-free, gnotobiotic, and bioexclusion studies.