The EILMC offers the ability to identify and quantify lipid species (e.g. fatty acids, phospholipids, ceramides, sphingosines, cholesterols, bile acids) and metabolites (e.g. amino acids, TCA intermediates, organic acids) from a variety of tissue types. We also offer custom lipidomic and metabolomic analyses to fit your research needs.

Services include:

  • Sample preparation via automated and robust sample handling instrument manifold. Traditional traditional lipid extraction protocols using organic solvents, i.e. Bligh and Dyer, Folch Method, and others performed upon request. 
  • Global lipidomics analyses using liquid chromatography coupled to high-sensitivity, high-resolution orbitrap mass spectrometers. This approach surveys lipid species in sample by exact mass and characteristic peaks in product ion spectra.
  • Targeted lipidomics analyses via triple quadrupole mass spectrometry to specifically target phospholipids classes or lipid species by precursor ion scanning or key transitions.  
  • Consultation of how to correctly handle and/or prepare lipid samples as well as experimental design to appropriately address lipid solubility and transfer issues and others. 
  • Customized lipidomics analysis provided upon request.
  • Consultation for data analysis.

EIMLC Rate Table

ServicesInternal RateExternal Rate
Standard/Targeted Lipidomics Analysis$150$234
Global High Resolution Lipidomics$200$310
Unassisted User Fee$50$78
Manual Sample Processing$50$78
Preprocessed Sample Prep$90$140
Targeted Metabolomics$180$281
Global High Resolution Metabolomics$200$310
Data Integration
Data Integration$200$312
*Rates effective as of October 1st, 2023
*Additional passthrough costs to be added (if required)
*All prices listed are per sample analysis


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