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The ICMC team of experts are here to help you achieve your goals. Please reach out with any questions at any stage in the process.

Core Leadership

Sarah Satola, PHD

Scientific Director


Dr. Sarah Satola is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease with a secondary appointment in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. She is also the Director of the Georgia Emerging Infections Program Laboratory, a collaboration that includes the Georgia Department of Public Health, Emory University, the Atlanta VA Medical Center to conducts active surveillance and initiate research studies related to food-borne pathogens, invasive bacterial pathogens, viral respiratory pathogens, and healthcare-associated infections.  

Dr. Satola’s  research interests include molecular epidemiology and genetic mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and  evaluating antibiotic heteroresistance in multi-drug resistant organism.

sarah satola

Ahmed Babiker, MBBS

Associate Medical Director


Dr. Ahmed Babiker is a dual trained infectious diseases and medical microbiology physician. In the summer of 2020, Dr. Babiker joined Emory as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease with a secondary appointment in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Dr. Babiker sees patients on the Infectious Diseases inpatient consult service at Emory University Hospital and serves as the Associate Director of the Investigational Clinical Microbiology Core. 
Dr. Babiker's primary research interest is the clinical and molecular epidemiology of multi-drug resistant healthcare-associated infections and the integration of novel diagnostics and -omics technology into clinical microbiology and infectious diseases workflows.


Timothy Read, PHD

Associate Director of Genomics


Tim's research centers around pathogen evolution using bacterial genomics and metagenomics. His group uses and builds pipelines for processing large bacterial genome databases.

tim read

Jesse J. Waggoner, MD

Associate Director of Virology


Jesse J. Waggoner is an assistant professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine. His work focuses on the development and evaluation of molecular diagnostics for human viral pathogens, principally respiratory viruses and emerging/re-emerging RNA viruses. As part of the ICMC, Dr. Waggoner and his laboratory perform investigational molecular testing for SARS-CoV-2, including the detection of specific mutations associated with variants of concern/interest.

jesse waggoner

Core Team

Alex Page, BA

Laboratory Manager


Alex Page has a BA in biology from Bard College where he did his thesis in environmental microbiology, focusing on the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and amphibians. He joined the Georgia Emerging Infections Program in 2017 where he facilitated the production of a biorepository of clinical isolates as a part of the GAEIP surveillance project. With the ICMC, he oversees the lab portion of the core and works with customers on project coordination and design.

alex page

Cecile Philippe

Postdoctoral Fellow


Dr. Cécile Philippe is a post-doctoral fellow in the department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease, mentored by Dr. Sarah Satola. She has a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the Université de Bordeaux (France). She spent 3 years working as a post-doctoral fellow in Université Laval and Félix d'Hérelle Reference Center for Bacterial Viruses (Moineau Lab, Québec), Canada. During her PhD and previous post-docs she studied the interactions between phages and bacteria. Dr. Philippe’s research interests include mobile genetic elements and how they contribute to antimicrobial resistance and modulate bacterial communities.

D'Ante Gooden, BS

Research Specialist


D'Ante earned his BS in Biology from the University Of West Georgia in 2020. His expertise is in Genomics, Microbiology and knowing random life and Georgia facts.

Rockford Watkins, BS

Research Specialist


Rockford received his BS in Biology from the University of Georgia and joined the ICMC in 2022. He hopes to learn more about microbiology, genetics, and data science and be able to analyze trends in our expanding clinical data.

Julia Van Riel, BS

Research Specialist


Julia Van Riel is a Research Specialist with the Satola lab. She received her BA in Biochemistry from Barnard College of Columbia University. Apart from research, she enjoys baking, sewing, and trying to befriend neighborhood cats.