Our Core Facility Resources


The Investigational Clinical Microbiology Core (ICMC) and Biorepository are located within Infectious Diseases assigned space in the Health Sciences Research Building, Room E-169. Major equipment include a bioMerieux eMAG automated nucleic acid extraction system, CHEF DRIII & CHEF Mapper PFGE systems, Rotor-Gene Q & Bio-Rad CFX96 Real Time PCR and access to Oxford Nanopore MinIon and Illumina MiSeq sequencers.   

The lab uses a Zebra 110 barcode printer for sample labeling and Nautilus Laboartory Infomration Management System (LIMS).  The lab uses the BioNumerics software platform for integrated analysis of all major applications in Bioinformatics: 1D electrophoresis gels, phenotype characters, and sequences. BioNumerics allows the lab to combine information from various genomic and phenotypic sources into one global database and conduct conclusive analyses. Technicians have custom-designed space for workstations in the lab and cubical office space. 


Dr. Satola has access to the EUH’s Clincial Data Warehouse and Cerner Millineum (Emory University Hospital  electronic medical records).