The Center for Systems Imaging Core is an Emory University School of Medicine Core Facility, directed by Dr. John Oshinski. The goals of this center are to:

(1) support the advancement of scientific research focused on the development of imaging biomarkers;

(2) the development and application of biomedical imaging technology particularly magnetic resonance imaging

Wesley Woods Health Center Location

Wesley Woods Health Center Location

(3) provide Core services for animal and human imaging studies;

(4) to build cross-cutting educational and training programs.

The CSI Core is housed in approximately 20,200 square feet across the Emory campus. This total comprises a 17,000 square foot facility on the 2nd floor of the Wesley Woods Health Center (WWHC) Building, 800 square feet for human MRI equipment in Emory University Hospital (EUH), 400 square feet for animal MRI equipment in Whitehead Biomedical Research Building [WBR], and 2,000 square feet jointed MRI scanner and lab space in Emory Executive Park Campus Building 12 (EP12).

The major CSI Core imaging equipment housed at WWHC includes a cyclotron/Radiochemistry lab, four MRI 3T systems, a PET HRRT human brain PET system and an Inveon micro PET-CT system.