CSI Core Resources

  • Imaging Equipment
    • Human MRI scanners - a Siemens Prisma 3T (BHC), two Siemens PrismaFIT 3T (HSRB-II, EUH), a Siemens 7T (HSRB-II), and a MRI Simulator (HSRB-II), for human studies
    • Animal MRI scanners - Bruker 9.4T MRI (Whitehead) and 11.7T MRI (HSRB-II)-small animal studies
    • PET/CT scanner - Siemens Biograph Vision 600 scanner for human studies (HSRB-II)
    • PET/MR scanner - GE Signa 3T 26 for human studies (The Emory Clinic-shared)
    • Inveon microPET/CT scanner - small animal studies (HSRB-II)
    • Stratec XCT 2000 qQCT - bone density scanner (HSRB-II)
  • Radiochemistry Equipment - General Electric PETrace 880 18MeV self-shield cyclotron (HSRB-II)
  • Data Processing and Hosting Infrastructure