CSIC provides MRI and PET imaging services for human, animal subjects and fixed tissue and samples. We also have a radiochemistry lab to synthesize tracers for PET studies. Our computer cluster hosts data storage and data processing for our users. Please browse around to explore our services and corresponding contacts.

Imaging Services

CSIC Core hosts four MRI scanners (one Siemens Prisma 3T, two PrismaFIT 3T, and one Siemens 7T) for human studies, a 9.4T MRI scanner and an 11.7T Bruker MRI scanner for small animal studies, a Siemens Biograph Vision 600 PET/CT scanner scanner for human studies, an Inveon PET-CT scanner for small animal studies, and a pQCT bone density scanner for human research. We offer comprehensive MRI and PET research protocols and auxiliary instruments for research and clinical trial purposes.

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Siemens PrismaFIT 3T MRI

Radiochemistry Services

The CSIC’s Radiopharmacy includes a General Electric PETrace 880 18MeV self-shield cyclotron. This cyclotron allows the production of Fluorine-18, Carbon-11 (carbon dioxide), Nitrogen-13 (ammonia), Oxygen-15, and Gallium-68. The cyclotron includes the PROCAB processing system for Carbon-11 and a processing system for conversion of Oxygen-15 into [O-15]Water.

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Data Processing and Hosting Services

The CSIC Core is equipped with a state-of-the-art computing facility consisting of a 24 nodes linux mini cluster, disk RAIDs with 758 TiB total data storage capacity, a full rack capable of supporting up to 16U calculation nodes, and an automated 627TiB back-up system. It is hosting MRI data collected from all CSIC managed MRI scanner, the MRI scanner operated by FERN, and PET data from the CSIC PET/CT scanner.

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Computer Cluster

Meet Our Leadership

The CSIC Director and Program Directors can assist with any technical questions related to CSIC service capabilities. Contact the CSIC Operations Manager to discuss any questions about process for onboarding your research projects.