• HSRB II Facility  - CSIC Location

    This new equipment and space enables Emory investigators to use imaging to see into the body in ways that have not been done before. These capabilities give investigators tools they can use to develop new diagnostic markers, understand health and disease, and search for new treatments.
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  • Siemens Terra 7T Ready for Calibration
  • Siemens Terra 7T MRI arrived HSRB II
  • CSIC's new home - HSRB Phase II
  • The Emory Brain Imaging Project
    The Emory Brain Imaging ProjectThe Emory Brain Imaging Project is one facet of the Emory Healthy Aging Study, the largest clinical research project that has ever been conducted by Emory University. In totality, the study focuses on enhancing our knowledge of the aging process and addressing the growing number of people who are being diagnosed with age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Participants in this study undergo a series of tests every two years, which involves collecting blood samples, retinal imaging, cognitive testing, gait analysis, cerebrospinal fluid analysis, vascular assessment and most importantly, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the brain, conducted by the Emory Brain Imaging Project. The MRI imaging is a critical component to this study since this modality has the unique capability of collecting structural and functional data from the brain that will help researchers identify biological markers that are predictive of common, age-related diseases. Ultimately, this study will change the way we understand the aging process and support the development of treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease and other common age-related diseases.

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