Our Core Facility Resources

Our resources will help you

  • Learn about policies for accessing our microscopes
  • Plan your project
  • Write a grant or paper

If you need assistance with anything not included here, simply email us at EMCore@Emory.edu

Biochemistry Connector Site

  1. FEI Talos Arctica 200 KV (TEM) with BioQuantum/K2 direct electron detector (K3 upgrade)
  2. FEI Talos 120 KV (TEM) with LaB6 and 4k Ceta detector
  3. CP3 Plunger- Gentle blot (Model 930)
  4. Gatan 655 Dry Pumping Station for Cryo Holders (Gatan 70 Degree Cryo-transfer Holder)
  5. Denton Carbon Evaporator (Bench top turbo)
  6. Solarus Plasma Cleaning System (Model 950)
  7. Pelco Easy glow, glow disharger
  8. Glacier (Computation Cluster: 2 GPU nodes and 4 CPU nodes)

Cherry L. Emerson Site

  1. JEOL JEM-2200FS 200kv Field Emission TEM with DDD DE-20 direct electron detector with Zernike and whole-free phase plates, In-column energy filter (Omega filter), and Gatan 914 cryo holders for tilt series acquisition
  2. JEOL JEM-1400 120 kV LaB6TEM with Gatan CCD camera with Gatan 626 cryo holder for acquisition of cryo-EM data
  3. Hitachi HT-7700 120 kV W (Tungsten) TEM with AMT CCD camera
  4. Topcon DS-130F Field Emission SEM/STEM capable of in-lens and below-lens conventional SEM, and in-lens cryo-HRSEM
  5. Topcon DS-150F Field Emission SEM /STEM with BSE (back-scattered electron detection) and capable of in-lens and below-lens conventional SEM, and in-lens cryo-HRSEM
  6. Denton DV-602 Turbo Magnetron Sputter system with a chromium target
  7. EMSCOPE SC-500 Magnetron Sputter system with a gold target
  8. Denton Benchtop Turbo Carbon Evaporator
  9. Leica UC6rt and Ultracut S Ultramicrotomes
  10. RMC PT-XL Ultramicrotome
  11. RMC BAL-TEC HPM 010 High-Pressure Freezing machine
  12. Leica AFS cryo-substitution apparatus
  13. Leica UC6i/FC6 Cryo-Ultramicrotome.