• The TNC is available for users in the community (Emory, Yerkes, GA Tech, Morehouse, GSU), as well as external users (from academia and industry)


  • The TNC surgical team is unique in performing highly specialized procedures in the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. These procedures are often necessary to advance preclinical research in the fields of Gene and Stem Cell Therapy, Nerve Repair, Neuromodulation, Chronic Pain, etc. 


  • The TNC also assists in building and executing training programs for surgeons (a mandatory FDA requirement prior to clinical application of new techniques and surgical procedures)

Our team has extensively supported the advancement of translational research in neuroscience over the past 10 years. 

In this period, we have performed over 400 surgical procedures in large animals for a variety of investigators in United States and Europe. 
Our team has conducted 3 preclinical large animal studies to address safety and dosing optimization of neural stem cell transplantation into the spinal cord.  This particular work resulted in the development of techniques and devices that are currently being applied in human stem cell Phases I and II trials for the treatment of ALS in United States (here at Emory and at the University of Michigan) and in Italy.


  • Mazzini L, Gelati M, Profico DC, Sgaravizzi G, Projetti Pensi M, Muzi G, Ricciolini C, Rota Nodari L, Carletti S, Giorgi C, Spera C, Domenico F, Bersano E, Petruzzelli F, Cisari C, Maglione A, Sarnelli MF, Stecco A, Querin G, Masiero S, Cantello R, Ferrari D, Zalfa C, Binda E, Visioli A, Trombetta D, Novelli A, Torres B, Bernardini L, Carriero A, Prandi P, Servo S, Cerino A, Cima V, Gaiani A, Nasuelli N, Massara M, Glass J, Sorarù G, Boulis NM, Vescovi AL.  Human neural stem cell transplantation in ALS: initial results from a phase I trial. (2015) J Transl Med. 13:17.


Successful demonstration of our ability to perform stem cell transplants in the spinal cord has also led to the launch of new trials in collaboration with our team in Italy, at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles, and Johns Hopkins.
We continue to support investigators interested in translation of new therapies at an accelerated pace, providing the necessary tools for clinical translation.