Core Equipment

Emory University has centralized administration and management of its animal resources through the Division of Animal Resources (DAR), which provides facilities, personnel and equipment for animal care.  Procedures are performed either in house (at DAR or Yerkes) or off-site (at designated Contract Research Organizations – CROs, when GLP-compliant data is required). 
TNC equipment:
  • Brand new compact OmniPlus/OSM200 surgical microscope with integrated 4K Streaming video and 19" Exor Vision LCD Monitor
  • Sterrad NX Sterilization System - next-generation low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma system that offers fast terminal sterilization with a standard 28-minute cycle time and an advanced 38-minute cycle time.  The system can sterilize a wide range of instruments, including single-channel flexible endoscopes, semi-rigid ureteroscopes, power drills, batteries, cameras, light cords, rigid scopes, general surgical instruments, and more. The system provides the flexibility of having dry, packaged, sterile instruments ready when needed.
  • State-of-the-art neurosurgical equipment and instruments for spinal cord procedures
    • 4 complete sets of neurosurgical tools specific for performing laminectomies
    • 4 complete sets of spinal platforms designed for spinal cord injections
    • 3 microinjector pumps for therapeutics delivery
    • 4 external spinal immobilization apparatus
    • Customized injection cannulas for therapeutics delivery
  • Specialized neurosurgical equipment for brain procedures
    • Stealth hardware equipment
    • Head frames
    • Manthis catheters and pumps
    • Customized injection cannulas
  • State-of-the-art neurosurgical instruments for nerve repair procedures